"The Straight Line" is out in the world 

Our new single, "The Straight Line" is out on SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC today (click to listen)!  This rowdy country tune features Kassie on the ole harmonica.   Lyrically, "The Straight Line" explores the reasons behind the decisions we make, and how those decisions affect our futures.  The best place to be ain't always where everyone else is.  Enjoy our new tune...from us to you.  And don't forget to FOLLOW us on Spotify if ya like what you're hearing.

An electric love song by MY ONE AND ONLY - "Naturally" 

"Naturally" is out on all streaming platforms now. 

This one actually started out as a song we were writing for a product contest, believe it or not.  That's right, we wrote this song about plain Greek yogurt.  But we loved it so much, it never ended up in the contest, and it morphed into something bigger than a song for a product.  Take a listen to our electric love song by clicking HERE.  Then just click on your streaming service.

"One More Dance with my Son" available now 

We wrote this song when we were hired to sing at a wedding several years back, and the mother of the groom asked if we would write a song for the mother-son dance at the wedding.  This is what came out of that writing session (and actually Kassie wrote most all of the lyrics on her own).  There are many father-daughter dance songs out there, but we haven't heard of a lot of mother-son songs, and that's what makes this song special.  Enjoy!  Click to listen...

"O World" Premier 

We released our new song "O World" (with an accompanying lyric video) today.  This new track was released on Easter Sunday because of it's strong roots in the Gospel message.  Download the mp3 HERE or watch the lyric video below.


Due to the health conditions out in the world, we are postponing our March/April tour through Alabama, Florida, Georgia, NYC, Boston, etc.

We hope to reschedule this tour for later this year.  Please stay safe out there in this crazy world....and don't be afraid!  See you all soon.


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Cover photo credit "Photography By Rae"